Dance Options Breakdown

Any Dress Works

All dances can be choreographed based on the style of your wedding dress ensuring you feel comfortable and in control with each step you take.


Private Lessons

Learn the choreography with no pressure and feel confident about your dance routine before showing it off in front of a crowd.

Flexible Scheduling

Book dance lessons around your busy schedule and choose the most suitable times that work for you.

Music Choice

You can pick your own song and have the opportunity to create a personalized music track edit for your choreography.

Touch Up Sessions

If you need extra dance practice, you have the option to request additional sessions to bring out your full potential on the dance floor.


Always Free Consultations

Let’s chat! I would love to hear what you are looking for and collaborate to make your event special.

Father-Daughter & Mother-Son Dances

Make a forever memory with the ones that have been there since day one.

On-Site Rehearsal

Run through your dance right where the performance will take place at your venue.

Basic Dance Lessons

Don’t need choreography? Learn the basic steps and ideas to elevate your comfort on the dance floor.

Ready  to Dance?

Request a Free Consultation.